P.N., Senior UX Manager, Grainger.com

"I have to point out that this was a example of a very collaborative team effort within our group. Within the last 6 weeks we completed the wires, design comps, made an interactive prototype that was RIT tested, modified the design based on results, reviewed it twice during the Thursday design reviews, had an initial... Continue Reading →


D.S., Product Manager, Grainger.com

"I was highlighting some content from the Grainger.com Auto-Reorder wires (pinpointing changes for OrderGroove’s team). Looking at this massive document of UX goodness, I realized how much work each feature has been and the effort Elizabeth Fagan has continually put forth for the six revisions. One revision was needed in 30 minutes at 4:45 and... Continue Reading →

M.V., Senior Project Manager, Grainger.com

"Elizabeth’s extraordinary capacity to quickly consume complex requirements, and craft a design deliverable by the required date, removes the challenge of meeting aggressive milestones. She effortlessly integrates needed changes for an evolving project, and can quickly identify the ‘gotchas’ when reviewing functionality." —M.V., Senior Project Manager, Grainger.com, Lake Forest, IL (see on linkedin)

B.H., Digital Content Manager, Walgreens.com

"I worked with Elizabeth for about two years and I’ve always admired her skills in translating complex ecommerce-related pharmacy projects and concepts into accessible wireframes for writers and designers alike. Elizabeth’s work style is open and inviting to questions and feedback. During our time at Walgreens, I always appreciated how Elizabeth was willing to give... Continue Reading →

J.N., Senior IT Business Analyst, Walgreens.com

"Elizabeth is a true seasoned professional who can develop a maximized user experience for projects that require complex functionality and multiple user flows. In addition to being a high caliber Information Architect, she can create clear and concise copy that is understandable and can be acted upon by the consumer. She will acquire a true... Continue Reading →

R.A., Senior Manager, User Centered Design, HSBC.com

"Elizabeth Fagan: Worked on a wide variety of projects with an equally wide variety of customer Customers very happy with Elizabeth's work and attitude as a team player Highest quality work, on time, within budget Clever and visionary Created original best-practice documents, educational materials, job descriptions, proposals, and more Sees whole picture as well as... Continue Reading →

F.C., EBus Service & Delivery Manager, HSBC.com

"Elizabeth's success in is built on her ability to understand a customer's needs, then produce solid deliverables. On several projects over the past few years, Elizabeth has used her expertise and insight to produce copy and content that is easy to understand and conveys the information our customers need. This has resulted in increased sales... Continue Reading →

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