Extinction is Forever

Lake Michigan's Left Coast reveals Paleozoic limestone and dolomite dating to the Devonian Period (420–350 million years ago). Abundant in rocks from the Paleozoic are fossilized brachiopods, marine animals with upper and lower hard shells hinged at the rear. Though they first appear in rocks dating to the early Cambrian Period (540–485 million years ago), brachiopods reached... Continue Reading →


Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals, a division of AMRI, is not in China, nor is it south of the Mexican border. The company is situated at 840 Badger Circle, Grafton, WI 53024, right here in Ozaukee County. I wonder how many residents know that Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals manufactures the super-strong narcotic fentanyl. Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals in its own words on... Continue Reading →

Charitable Thinking

Essay by Elizabeth G Fagan, Left Coast Creative, for the blog Lake Michigan's Left Coast Dan Pallotta's 2013 TED talk The Way We Think about Charity is Dead Wrong sheds light on the economic discrimination between nonprofits and for profits in the United States. His data-based presentation establishes the link between colonial Puritanism and modern... Continue Reading →

Archean Banded Iron Formation

In its youth, our planet was molten, red-hot, and battered by abundant meteorites. Earth was so hostile to life that scientists named this period the Hadean Eon (4.6–4 billion years ago), for Hades, the Greek god of the place called Hell. The earliest known life appears in the geologic record about 3.8 billion years ago... Continue Reading →

Common Milkweed @ Forest Beach

Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) grows across Wisconsin. These native plants ooze a toxic sticky milk that bestows the milkweed its name. The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) evolved with immunity to the plant's poison; in fact, monarch caterpillars and butterflies need the milkweed plant to survive. Also immune the plant's poison are milkweed bugs, which feed... Continue Reading →

Green Talk: Keeping Our Lakes & Rivers Great

April 2016 Left Coast Creative (© 2016 Elizabeth G Fagan) for the Ozaukee County News Graphic on behalf of Mequon Nature Preserve "It was a gamble, but it worked," recalled Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day. The late Wisconsin governor and United States senator (D) successfully infused the activism of the late 1960s with... Continue Reading →

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