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Archean Banded Iron Formation

In its youth, our planet was molten, red-hot, and battered by abundant meteorites. Earth was so hostile to life that scientists named this period the Hadean Eon (4.6–4 billion years ago), for Hades, the Greek god of the place called Hell. The earliest known life appears in the geologic record about 3.8 billion years ago … Continue reading Archean Banded Iron Formation

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Rosie, Sandy, and Chert

In late October, 2012, Hurricane Sandy kicked up 23-foot waves on Lake Michigan off Chicago, Illinois. Afterward, thousands of sharp-cornered and beautifully caramel-colored chert shards appeared on the city's Montrose Dog Beach, a place I frequented with my German Shepherd Rosie. Here are some chert souvenirs, Hurricane Sandy waves, and a favorite snap of Rosie … Continue reading Rosie, Sandy, and Chert

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Brachiopods, Lucy, and Extinction

Lake Michigan's Left Coast reveals Paleozoic limestone and dolomite dating to the Devonian Period (420–350 million years ago). Abundant in rocks from the Paleozoic are fossilized brachiopods, marine animals with upper and lower hard shells hinged at the rear. Though they first appear in rocks dating to the early Cambrian Period (540–485 million years ago), brachiopods reached … Continue reading Brachiopods, Lucy, and Extinction

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