Crinoid stem, Devonian or later, Lake Michigans Left Coast, Elizabeth Fagan, Roscoes Relics

Crinoid Stem, Devonian Period or Later

On Lake Michigan's Left Coast, there are thousands of ghostly images in the millions of rocks on the beach. They were highly eroded, nearly unrecognizable fossils. Imagine my surprise when, one day, this hunk of limestone appeared at my feet, incredibly clear fossil side up. I was astonished. My research says this fossil impression, with … Continue reading Crinoid Stem, Devonian Period or Later

Crinoid fossil, chert, quartz, jasper, Lake Michigans Left Coast, a blog by Elizabeth G Fagan

Devonian Limestone, Crinoids, & The Alien

The Devonian Period found major parts of Earth's land areas covered for the first time with vegetation. Marine invertebrates such as trilobites, corals, cephalopods, and crinoids lived in the seas while sharks and shark-like fishes appeared for the first time. A variety of fishes lived in brackish waters, including lobe-finned fish, lungfish, and bony-armored fish … Continue reading Devonian Limestone, Crinoids, & The Alien