Meteorite from Mars

After months of rock collecting along my beach in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, I have developed a somewhat discerning eye. At first, I picked up any old hunk of limestone containing fossilized impressions in attempts to figure out which creatures populated the Devonian seabed that is now this region's bedrock. Now I scan for, among other... Continue Reading →


Stony-Iron Meteorites

Not the most dazzling rocks on my Lake Michigan beach, stony-iron meteorites are recognizable by dark, melted-looking patches. As the name suggests, the dark spots are iron ore that superheated in Earth's atmosphere as these stray bits of universe tumbled our way. Another distinguishing mark of a stony-iron meteorite (all meteorites, actually) is the cone-shaped... Continue Reading →


Once in awhile, you'll learn a tidbit of science and say to yourself: "D'oh! It makes perfect sense! Why didn't I think of that?" Such is the most important clue telling us Earth's exact age. One of war's legacies is the technology of weaponry. Sonar is the method of bouncing sound waves off underwater entities... Continue Reading →

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