Straight-Bodied Cephalopod

On Lake Michigan's Left Coast in Wisconsin, thousands of ghostly images appear in the millions of rocks on the beach. They are mostly highly eroded, nearly unrecognizable fossils. Imagine my surprise when, one day, this hunk of limestone appeared, incredibly clear, fossil side up. I was astonished. This fossil impression, with its distinctive parallel ridges,... Continue Reading →


An Odd Little Creature 1

This rock is unusual on Lake Michigan's Left Coast. It appears to be an odd little creature. The limestone bedrock at here is Devonian in origin, having been laid down some 419.2 to 358.9 million years ago, so maybe it dates from that period. Directly to the north and south, bedrock is a little older,... Continue Reading →

Winged Trilobite Impression

Winged trilobite impression, probably from the Devonian Period (419.2–358.9 million years ago), from Lake Michigan's Left Coast. Copyright, Disclaimer, Glossary, Bibliography

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