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Time and Deep Time

To get a sense of the scale of Earth history, imagine walking back in time, 100 years per step—every pace equal to more than three human generations. A mile takes you 175,000 years into the past. [Twenty miles], a hard day's walk to be sure, correspond to more than 3 million years. But to make … Continue reading Time and Deep Time

Fossil skulls from Wisconsin, Lake Michigans Left Coast, a blog by Elizabeth Fagan

Wisconsin Dimetrodon Skull

Dinosaurs thundered, flew, scampered, or what have you, in the Mesozoic Era (252.17–66 million years ago). They were neither lizards nor reptiles, but something else altogether. Scientists declare that a group of small meat-eating dinosaurs were the evolutionary predecessors of modern birds. Remarkably, birds descended from such dinosaurs as Velociraptor, the terrifying creature of Jurassic … Continue reading Wisconsin Dimetrodon Skull