Odd creature, Devonian or later, Lake Michigans Left Coast, Elizabeth Fagan, Roscoes Relics

An Odd Little Creature 1

This rock is unusual on Lake Michigan's Left Coast. It appears to be an odd little creature. The limestone bedrock at here is Devonian in origin, having been laid down some 419.2 to 358.9 million years ago, so maybe it dates from that period. Directly to the north and south, bedrock is a little older, … Continue reading An Odd Little Creature 1

Crinoid fossil, chert, quartz, jasper, Lake Michigans Left Coast, a blog by Elizabeth G Fagan

Devonian Limestone, Crinoids, & The Alien

The Devonian Period found major parts of Earth's land areas covered for the first time with vegetation. Marine invertebrates such as trilobites, corals, cephalopods, and crinoids lived in the seas while sharks and shark-like fishes appeared for the first time. A variety of fishes lived in brackish waters, including lobe-finned fish, lungfish, and bony-armored fish … Continue reading Devonian Limestone, Crinoids, & The Alien